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Production – Design & Manufacturing:

At Poggenamp, effective practices enable optimal selection of grades as per customer’s specification. Clubbing of other requirements in the same grade and slitting program for optimum utilization of wide coils controls wastage.


A state-of-the-art twin loop line ensures stress-free and accurate slitting. The standard slit tolerances are: +/- 0.05 to +/- 0.075 mm. Up to 16 slits can be accommodated at a time.

Press shop:

Conventional pneumatic presses ranging from 16T to 150T are used for batch production, involving blanking, stator and rotor gang punching. Presses ranging from 160T up to 400T, suitable for blanking of circles and segments up to 1200 mm and gang slotting of blanks up to 1200 mm diameters, are used. A 400T press has been designed to punch sectors / segments up to 2000 mm radius. All these presses (ranging from 160T to 400T) are equipped with uncoilers (1250 mm coil width and 7 MT coil weight), straighteners and servo feeders for precise blanking and gang punching.

Notching machines of both domestic and imported make accommodate blanks up to 1200 mm diameter. The range is from 2T up to 10T. These PLC controlled machines are capable of indexing skewed stator / rotor and skip notching.

High speed presses ranging from 32T to 360T offer speeds up to 700 SPM. These are capable of accommodating Tungsten Carbide toolings. A stamping controller ensures stator rotation, auto skewing of rotor and multiple shaft bore punching.

To support the grinding of tools within high tolerance levels, surface grinders with chuck sizes of 200 x 150 to 2500 x 1200 mm. This ensures in-house maintenance of tools with optimum tool life.