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Motor/ Transformer Laminations:

History & Applications:

Poggenamp has been manufacturing Strips and El Laminations since its inception (1982).

Poggenamp commenced production of Motor Laminations in 1986 with 6″ (137 mm) submersible pump motor configuration. Development of a vast range of designs followed, augmented with the usage of whole spectrum of electrical steel grades.

Its product range finds applications in Generators, Alternators, AC / DC / Lift-duty Motors, Traction Motors, Submersibles Pump Motors, Domestic Pump Motors, Aeronautics, Automobiles, Current Transformers etc.

Poggenamp manufactures wide range of motor and transformer laminations with comprehensive solutions. It manufactures laminations from various grades of CRNGO and Semi-Processed electrical steel sourced globally.

Employing conventional three stage manufacturing practices for batch production by gang punching, notching / indexing upto 1200 mm diameters and high-speed punching for serial production. Total solution in terms of stacked stators by various processes like cleating, riveting and welding. Pressure Aluminium die-casting of rotors, the company offers comprehensive lamination solutions.

Poggenamp successfully caters to a wide range of applications, entailing varied manufacturing processes. EI/UT/TL laminations are manufactured as per Imperial & DIN standards. For Ballast application, EI/UT/TL laminations are offered with various air – gap cuttings as per customer specification. Non-standard designs also are manufactured to meet customer requirements. Bobbins, Clamps and Brackets for standard and non-standard laminations are outsourced.

For rectangular strip laminations, CNC Cut-to-Length (CTL) lines capable to accommodate lengths up to 2500 mm and widths up to 200 mm with multiple hole options are employed. Both shearing and hole piercing is aided by carbide tool, ensuring the highest possible stacking factor.