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Processes – Design & Manufacturing:


Annealing enhances permeability and lowers core-losses and apparent power. This facility has been designed keeping specific applications required by customers. The batch-type pit furnace features PLC control and nitrogen generator. Both CRNGO and Semi-processed Electrical Steel laminations can be annealed / decarburized with capacities up to 5 MT per day. Another state-of-the-art, continuous annealing line featuring decarburizing / bluing / annealing capabilities processes laminations up to 16 M.T per day.

Stacked Stators / Die-cast Rotors:

Total flexibility is offered for cleating / auto stacking / welding of stators as required per application. Customers can also order loose laminations as per requirements. Rotors are auto skewed on a vertical skewing machine, to ensure consistent and correct skew angles. Vertical pressure die casting machines with capabilities ranging from 75T to 250T can die cast rotors of the smallest size up to 400 mm diameters and core-lengths up to 500 mm. Aluminum of standard EC grade of 99.7 is the basic raw material. However, depending upon customer’s requirements, other grades (99.5 / 99.6/ AISi 12, etc) can be offered.

Stator winding as per data, wound with hand or by machine depending on the quantities. Rotor shaft insertion as per hot or cold pressing method and machining on CNC turning.